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Launched in 2003 the FMG Rising 3 Fund was one of the first country-specific Russia, India and China (RIC) funds. China and India are two of the world’s most populous states with a growing middle class and increasing internal consumption. Both countries are leading exporters and low-cost manufacturing hubs. Russia is within years of becoming Europe’s largest consumer market and today is the world’s first and second largest natural gas and crude oil exporter respectively.

The Rising 3 at a Glance

• RIC makes up a significant portion of global economic growth

• The Rising 3 Fund has direct mainland China A-shares exposure

• India is the world’s largest democracy with a young population

• The Russian stock market trades at historically low levels


FMG (EU) Rising 3 Fund gained +5.7% in the 1st Quarter of 2017

FMG (EU) Rising 3 Fund gained +5.7% in the 1st Quarter of 2017 The FMG Rising 3 Fund had another very strong quarter in Q1 2017, on the back of a strong rally in Emerging Markets. We feel that our view of the cheapness of Emerging Markets as compared to the US and...

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  • China 40%
  • India 31%
  • Russia 22%
  • Cash 7%


The FMG Rising 3 Fund offers investors efficient access to the three largest emerging market countries, namely Russia, India, and China. The investment objective is to capture the long-term growth potential of these three markets, whilst targeting a lower limit of 20% and upper limit of 45% for each of the regions. The fund utilizes a multi-manager approach, providing diversification geographically but also among industry sectors.

Managers are selected based on their proven expertise in managing assets and comprise predominantly a portfolio of equity securities. The fund is actively managed, with FMG applying both a top down macro and a long term quantitative model to determine allocations, including cash levels between the three regions. FMG considers risk management and fund liquidity an integral element of the portfolio management process. The opportunistic nature of the fund targets investors with a higher risk-reward return profile.


Investment Profile
Investment Focus
Investment Objective
Investment Horizon
Risk Level
Fund Structure
Fund Type
Base Currency
Currency Classes
Minimal Init. Investment

Emerging Markets
China, India & Russia
Listed Equities
3-5 Years
Multi Managed
Class: A&L €10,000, B €75,000
or lower when dealt via »»

Prenotice (Buy)
Prenotice (Sell)
Cut-off Time
Load Fee
Annual Management Fee
Performance Fee
Income Distribution

1 Business Day
5 Business Days
5:00PM CET
Up to 5%
Class A&L: 2%, B: 1.5%
Class A&L: 20%, B: 10% HWM
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