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Iraq is generally perceived as a country with significant risks. What many do not appreciate is that it is becoming an oil super power. What is even more exciting is that Iraq has an operational stock- market, with many potentially great equity investments available to investors.

Iraq at a Glance:


  • Has the world’s third largest oil reserves
  • Expected to rival Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporters
  • 34 million people, 70% of the population is below 30 years of age
  • Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) is growing rapidly and offers attractive investments
  • Expected to be the world’s second fastest growing economy over the next 10 years


FMG Iraq Fund lost 2.5% in the 3rd Quarter

After the market reached a multi-year low during the summer we saw a period of stability and a bottom pattern form during the third quarter. Local stocks generally traded sideways while the offshore-listed Iraqi oil and gas companies traded slightly lower. Iraqi bonds...

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  • Banks 46%
  • Consumer Goods 40%
  • Telecoms 8%
  • Real Estate/Hotels 6%
  • Cash 1%


The Fund offers investors an excellent way to participate in the Iraqi growth story. It is positioned to take advantage of the growth derived from post Iraq war reconstruction and massive oil production expansion. The FMG Iraq Fund’s main objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in locally traded Iraqi stocks and in companies that are closely associated with Iraq but traded on other markets.

The manager seeks the highest return within the investment universe while looking for the widest possible diversification. This can include both a top down macro and a quantitative technical model to determine allocations. The relatively high risk profile can multiply invested capital over time but this can also cause large temporary drawdowns. The fund focuses on the most liquid stocks. The investment style is predominantly long-only with no leverage.


Investment Profile
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Investment Horizon
Risk Level
Fund Type
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Base Currency
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Minimal Init. Investment

Frontier Markets
Iraq Stock Exchange
Listed Equities
Minimum 5 Years
Single Managed
Open-Ended Investment Company
Segregated Accounts
Class: A&L $10,000, B $100,000
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Prenotice (Buy)
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Cut-off Time
Load Fee
Annual Management Fee
Performance Fee
Income Distribution
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5 Calendar Days
A: 45,  B: 90 Calendar Days
5:00PM ADT
Up to 5%
Class A&L: 2%, B: 1.5%
Class A&L: 20%, B: 10% HWM
Credit Suisse
Iraqi Depository Centre
Apex Fund Services

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